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Our mission

Why Choro in Schola?
Many public school music programs are struggling. These programs are crucial. We're devoted to replenishing and assisting high school choral programs. READ MORE

Choral FX coming up October 3rd Read more

Artistic director

Dr. Bruce Browne is Emeritus Professor of Choral and Vocal Music at Portland State University. His long-standing credentials as one of the NW's finest choral leaders and his commitment to this art make it only natural for school directors to call on Choro in Schola. READ MORE


The board, headed by Jeff Wiren, President, is made up of choral professionals from the Portland/Vancouver area...people who believe in the mission of Choro in Schola and willing to make it work on behalf of choral music in the schools. READ MORE

Contact us

Please click on this link for information on how to contact Choro in Schola. Learn more about what we can do, any costs involved, and what dates are available in the coming weeks. READ MORE.