Choro in Schola

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Why Choro in Schola?

Music programs in our public schools have been struggling in recent years due to budget and staffing cuts. These programs are crucial for our young people, as they provide a context for teamwork and discipline skills, cultural discovery, engaging activities, and lifelong friendships.

Choro in Schola, a nonprofit organization founded in 2012 by Dr. Bruce Browne, seeks to "promote excellence in young choral singers in Oregon and Washington, and through example and coaching, raise student awareness and inspire expectations for achievement."

CIS is expressly devoted to replenishing and assisting high school choral programs which have been depleted due to budget cuts and staff changes. We work by sending choirs of professional ensemble singers into local high schools to sing with, and for, student choirs during their regular class time.

Our mission is to provide a hands-on experience interacting closely with mixed choirs at the high school level. We do this in three ways: by offering individualized vocal instruction in smaller groups; workshopping specific pieces with the choir as a whole, and demonstrating with the CIS singers. In addition, Dr. Browne pays a visit to the school 10-14 days prior to the encounter for pre-assessment.

The workshops include personalized breakout sessions for men and women, led by experienced choir teachers from Choro in Schola. Workshops concentrate on upgrading skills with regard to breath management, intonation, tone production, phrasing, articulation, and listening to one another for blend and balance.