Choro in Schola

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From the Choir Directors...

"Having Choro in Schola perform at our school was both instructional and entertaining. The choir members were professional and refined as well as kind and warm-hearted. Whenever a master conductor takes over a choir and has high expectations, the bar is raised. My choir's attention to detail was remarkable, and they have carried that focus with them ever since CIS came to visit. I would recommend Choro in Schola to any school music program, of any size and caliber. CIS offers a unique perspective into the world of vocal music beyond the school setting, and inspires young singers to work harder as a group."
John Eisemann
Director of Choirs, Grant High School

"The overall experience for my students was fantastic!
We focused on vocal and choral techniques including blend, support, vowel unification and musical line. Choro in Schola inspired us to be better singers." Jason Owens, Choral Director, Madison High School

What the students are saying...
"Having the opportunity to have professional singers
come to our school and work with us made me feel special and excited about singing."

"They had so many positive comments about how we sounded and they also helped us sound better."

"It was great being able to sing next to such great singers!"